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I’m Lukmon Obafemi, the owner of infotechagent(dot)com. As a passionate Tech guy, I deem it very important to share informative posts on IT related issues to keep abreast of the ever dynamic Technological world. Mobile devices and platforms like Android, Blackberry and IOS are almost inevitable nowadays.

There is need to have access to the right and updated information with few clicks at the most pressing time. The need to get value for your money considering Specifications, Reviews and prices of these amazing gadgets. So, be a consistent visitor to this blog as it promises to disseminate accurate, relevant and updated TECH. information to the best of ability of the management.

Well, I’m currently pursuing a MTech degree programe in Computer Science at LAUTECH, Ogbomoso NIGERIA.

Do you wish to contact me on any issue? kindly make use of the contact form.  I ‘ll be glad to hear from you. Thank you for your visit.


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