How To Make Money With Your Android Smartphone

Learning how to make money with your android smartphone is no longer a mystery and has been demystified a long time before now. Technology has really influenced every aspect of human lives. You can grasp money making ideas and make extra money from the Telecommunications industry.

Do you ever ponder these questions;

  • Why the banks and other big brands, like quickteller, are involved in the business of airtime, data, DSTV, GOTV, startTimes, Electricity bill payment, and other VTU product sales?
  • Why are people so addicted to using airtime even when they are damn broke?







People are fond of buying airtime and data to keep in touch with their loved ones, add flavor to their social life and of course to take their businesses to the next level. And as the population of potential phone users increase, the recharge card market becomes bigger.

Therefore, the banks have identified the huge profit in the Telecoms industry and they are doing the needful to make you and me contribute to their profit.

Now, this is the good news you’ve been waiting for (The Bank VS RAGP LTD);

For every recharge you make through the bank, 5% is earned and the bank keeps the whole profit. Unfortunately, you’re further charged for the SMS alerts at the end of the month.

However, RAGP LTD gives you 2% on every airtime and 10% on data purchased via their platform. In addition, you get huge compensations and steady income for life.

Meanwhile, online businesses like; freelancing, affiliate marketing, blogging, information marketing are some of the trending activities of e-commerce that grant many country peoples including Nigerians the opportunity to make money with their smartphone.

Interestingly, they engage in these legal businesses with their smartphone while they work from anywhere so far they are connected to the internet.

What I particularly cherish about internet business is the fact that it can be started with little capital as low as #10,000 to #50,000; your freedom to work from anywhere at any time (as 8-5 jobs would ever be life-threatening to many) and a lot of people are proud to have it as a profession (Harsh Agrawal of shoutmeloud, Linda ikeji among others are proud of what they do) . That’s by the way.

The Telecoms Industry is fast growing even beyond oil, it has helped develop quite a number of businesses with a formidable 21st-century business approach.

One thing I keep telling my students is that computers and IT gadgets have come to solve human problems and the moment they have a solution that’s highly demanding in a country like ours, It’s tantamount to having a financial freedom.

There is the need to understand that the only way and the smartest way to make money online is to sell a product(your product or that of others) or render a service and earn in return. This principle should always guide you to be good to yourself and others online.

Mind you, this post addresses the business of Recharge and get paid which entails how you can recharge airtime online; how to top up etisalat (now 9mobile), load mtn airtime online, buy glo recharge card online and airtel top up. You can as well transfer or sell data to all the major networks in Nigeria and do other VTU sales.

What is Recharge and get paid (RAGP LTD) all about?


credit: RAGP LTD






Recharge And Get Paid is a Nigerian owned Telecoms Company, headquartered in Abuja. This multi-billion naira company is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC); (RC Number: 1279919).

And licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to carry out Telecoms -related businesses.

As it sounds, you get paid whenever you recharge. That’s amazing! Right?
I’ll show you shortly how it works.

But first, check out these facts:

• Over 3 million Nigerians recharge their phones per hour – NCC (the Year 2016)

• Nigeria Spends #446 Billion Per month on Airtime – NCC (the Year 2016)

• NCC Projected that Nigerians will spend 7 Trillion naira on Airtime/Data in the year 2017

• Inflow Investment in Nigeria Telecom Industry Hits 21.4 Trillion naira last year – Vanguard/NCC

• Nigeria has been ranked Fourth among the top five Countries with the highest net addition of mobile subscriptions in the first quarter of 2018 – Technology News

• Nigeria Banks Earned Over N100 Billion Annually On Telecoms Virtual Top Up Technology.

I can continue to mention but let’s move on.

RAGP LTD operates in partnership with the 4 major networks in Nigeria:

Mtn, Glo, Airtel & Etisalat ( now 9mobile)








Recharge & Get Paid also works in partnership with the 3 major cable tv providers:






Electricity bill payment was included in October 2018.

RAGP LTD is using the concept of LEVERAGE, which gives people the avenue to create wealth among each other.

By the way, what is wealth?

“Wealth is the number of days you can survive without physically working and still maintain your standard of living”.
“Robert Kiyosaki”

If for instance, your Expenses = #400,000 per month
Savings = #1,200,000
Your Wealth = 3months or 90 days

If you had to stop your work tomorrow or lose your job, how long could YOU survive?

Warren Buffet once said, “If YOU don’t find a way to make money while YOU sleep, you’ll work till you die”.

The question here is; What’s your capacity to make or earn residual income?

So, YOUR goal should be to develop a residual income that is greater than your monthly expenses.



1. You earn 20% of your registration fee when u register. This can be called your welcome bonus.

2. You earn 2% of the airtime you recharge.

3. You earn 10% of the data bundles you buy.

4. You earn ₦40 when you pay for cable subscriptions.

5. You earn 20% of the amount your downlines pay to join.

6. You earn 10%—1% of the amount people pay to join your downlines.

7. You earn 0.35% of the airtime your downlines recharge.

8. You earn 1% of the data your downlines buy.

9. You earn ₦10 when your downlines pay for cable subscriptions.

10. You earn monthly ₦100k if your monthly Point Value is not less than 10,000pv.

11. You qualify for an INTERNATIONAL TRIP FUND of ₦500k when your Cumulative Point Value is not less than 25,000pv.

12. You qualify for a CAR FUND of ₦2million when your cumulative PV is not less than 60,000pv.

13. You qualify for a HOUSE FUND of ₦3million when your cumulative PV is not less than 100,000.

14. You qualify for ANOTHER HOUSE FUND of ₦4million when your cumulative PV is not less than 250,000pv.

15. You qualify for a FINAL HOUSE FUND of ₦6million when your cumulative PV is not less than 500k.

16. You own your personal online shop (your dashboard) from which you distribute telecom products.

17. You earn residual income every second as other Nigerians distribute airtime, data and cable subscriptions.




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There are different packages to choose from:

BASIC MEMBER (₦5000) – One-time Registration fee of N5,000. And the company gives you N1,000 capital to support you on your business.

BRONZE MEMBER (₦10000) – One-time Registration fee of N10,000. And the company gives you N2,000 capital to support you on your business.

SILVER MEMBER (₦20000) – One-time Registration fee of N20,000. And the company gives you N4,000 capital to support you on your business.

GOLD MEMBER (₦30000) – One-time Registration fee of N30,000. And the company gives you N6,000 capital to support you on your business.

DIAMOND MEMBER (₦40000) – One-time Registration fee of N40,000. And the company gives you N8,000 capital to support you on your business.

PLATINUM MEMBER (₦50000) – One-time Registration fee of N50,000. And the company gives you N10,000 capital to support you on your business.

EXECUTIVE PLATINUM (#100,000) – One time Registration fee of N100,000. And the company gives you N20,000 capital to support you on your business.

In addition, you get 400 PV if you sign up for this plan.

Fortunately, only EXECUTIVE PLATINUM members will collect these categories of incentives;

250, 000PV=N4, 000,000 (Four Million Naira)

500,000PV=N6, 000,000 (Six Million Naira)












Building Community of Users & VTU Sellers

If 100,000 partners in your team buy or transfer airtime worth #1,000 each daily,

you’ll earn 0.35% x #1,000 = #3.5 x 100,000 = #350,000 per day

If 100,000 partners buy or transfer data worth #1,000 each daily,

you will earn 1% x #1,000 = #10 x 100,000 = #1,000,000 per day


N40 x 100,000 = N4,000,000 per day

N50,000,000 plus per month



Some of the latest cheques presented to members that qualified for the bonuses.

cheques are issued every month to members, once you qualified for the bonus.

Photo credit: RAGP LTD

If you would like to view more proofs to further convince you, kindly navigate here

Make money with Recharge And Get Paid Audio Presentation:

Do you prefer to listen to a concise voice presentation of RAGP LTD? Use the link below, if otherwise, Please move on.

Recharge and Get Paid Audio Presentation





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On the final note, Recharge and get paid is a reliable business that can stand the test of time. Although, it has both its strengths and weaknesses, amongst which are;


  • The recession-proof product: As long as Recharge card remains indispensable and population continues to increase, RAGP would continue to soar higher. More so, the management is planning an expansion to some other African countries. And for the banks to have got themselves involved in the VTU business, you see, it’s no laughing matter. So, the earlier you key in, the earlier you start earning endlessly.


  • Referral: The Referral program is fabulous with mouthwatering compensations which have been very impactful. Testimonies are everywhere already and obviously, this is one of the best and easiest way to make money. Think about a lot of products you have used and as well referred your friends or family members without any compensation. The money is actually in people and the earlier you realize this, the better. RAGP LTD says refer other people and get 20% of their registration fee and enjoy unlimited commissions from their recharges.


  • Little Startup Capital: You can startup for as low as #5000 and become a dealer or distributor of Recharge card and data bundles. You also have access to Cable TV subscriptions and make a profit on every transaction. And many other pros.



  • Regular server upgrades: This often disrupts transactions on the site which adversely affects business. However, scheduled maintenance is an integral part of a reliable business. Even mtn, airtel, banks, and other big brands do upgrade.


  • Support: The customer service actually needs a serious upgrade to ensure that requests are processed promptly. In the meantime, the partners’ group is an effective measure to cushion this effect. Though, the group is meant for the registered members alone and has been very helpful, especially to the newbies in all ramifications.











Are you an entrepreneur, a business minded individual or you’re passionately aspiring to be one, this is a great offer that is worthy of giving a try. If you have the right mindset, adequate prospecting, and determination, success is assured.

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