Which Is Better Android OR IPhone IOS

With both operating systems dominating today’s smartphone market, it is difficult to say which phone is better iPhone or android. It then boils down to personal preference as a user. However, to be on the fence about this moot subject, it is best to compare both operating systems based on the features they provide.

The aim of this post is to juxtapose the two giant mobile platforms; Android IOS and iPhone iOS. This is for knowledge purpose with the intent to give enthusiasts the opportunity to choose the right platform and as well know more about their operating system (OS). Some of the key features shall be discussed as well as their Pros and Cons.

The features provided by both Google and Apple vary based on their own criteria. The applications on Apple phones certainly signify an innovative paradigm shift in the world of technology; Google, on the other hand, has equally become a master of the craft.

With the coming on board of these two operating systems, a revolutionary change has resulted in the world of technology; and with over a billion users – worldwide, an almost equal number of users are either using Android or Apple’s iOS or both.


It would, however, be incorrect to judge what phone is better, iPhone or android in terms of appearance because there are more features on the inside.

 what phone is better android or iphone

Now, let’s compare iPhone with Android;

Operating System of iPhone and Android:

The Android OS is undoubtedly the most widely used smartphones’ platform by Google. It was launched as a result of joint effort from OHA (Open Handset Alliance), mobile phone companies that constitute Samsung, Google, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, among others. This is responsible for their huge customer base. Android’s license is free and open source meaning there is freedom granted to the customers to modify or tamper with the file system.


The latest Android as at the time of writing this post is Android 7.1 Nougat beta, programmed on hot Google’s pixel and Pixel XL launched on October 4, 2016. The duo is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processors, two cores running at 2.15GHZ with 4GB RAM. The noteworthy feature of this new platform is in terms of security which enables the owner to brick it in case it gets lost or stolen.


The nexus has two embedded image systems for an update which is very cool such that when the update is available, your phone will download the newest image automatically in the background and switch over the next time you restart your phone. The Nougat 7 now witness a speedier architecture to enjoy more Android apps.

 The doze feature would definitely blow your mind – Yes, it’s an enhanced form of power saver that would boost your battery life when it’s on saver mode. I know this is a big deal in areas where the power supply is very erratic. Then you can check out the full gist about Nougat 7.


In contrast, when iPhone was launched, many users complained about the restrictive environment which it offered. This was because the iOS prevents users from copying songs without iTunes and does not connect to third-party Bluetooth devices. Google introduced the Android which is open source and it has been as free as it can get.


 Apple Inc. officially released the iOS 10.1 version on October 24, 2016. This latest version is compatible with iPhone 5, you remember when this phone hit the mobile market in September 2012 with the shortest production period (12 months) ever. The update is also available to iPad, iPod touch and iPhone 6 upward – to the latest Apple machine- iPhone 7 and can be synchronized wirelessly using iTunes through the iCloud service.


 This phone is powered by iOS 10- the biggest release yet, which features more robust apps than ever before; Siri is compatible with specific request of third party apps, the iMessage enables users to send a message in their own handwriting, send animations that take over the entire screen with additional emojis. You can check the practical tricks performed by the new iOS apps.


Every lover of iPhone, who desires a new introductory offer in the iPhone series, must be observing the promotional methods of this billion dollar tech – company. It might be said that Apple invented an operating system which phone users have long been waiting for. The iOS is somewhat innovative.


A report has it that Apple makes more revenue than Google, but there are more Android users than iPhone users, with an average estimated increase of over one million quantities per day, as in the case of iPhone 5 in 2012. This does not necessarily imply that Apple is less experienced and skilled than the search engine giant.

Comparing Android and iOS Applications:

It is also worthy of note that people who own both Android Smartphones and iPhones make use of the former more. Yet, when it comes to applications they turn to their iPhones. This is largely due to the difference in the quality of applications offered by these two operating systems to the world of Smartphones.

Apple is the king of phone applications: it constantly develops new apps which users find fascinating. The design, speed, and function of iPhones are impressive and enjoy the admiration of technology lovers.  Nevertheless, there is a competitor – Android, who offers great applications that equally impressed phone users.

How Affordable is Android or iOS:

One major reason why phone users prefer the applications of Android to that of iPhones is because many of their applications are free, whereas most of the applications in the Apple store are paid. This implies that iPhones are more expensive than Android in the mobile market.

The Android play store is open to users and developers who do not want to spend much money on their smartphones.

Although most of the Android apps are largely free, it seems that an appreciable number of smartphone users prefer uniqueness because some apps are only peculiar to iPhone than Android. That is not to say that Android apps are useless as they are very user-friendly and serve many essential purposes, but iPhones pay more attention to uniqueness.


Phone Model











iPhone 7










(Between 365,000 – 464,099)













Between (250,000 – 450,000)







Pixel XL





Expected price range (250,000 – 450,000)







 Table showing prices of Android and iOS smartphones


Update Support for Android and iOS:

It is no news that iPhone users enjoy frequent updates than Android counterparts. I mean faster updates are available to iPhone users. Apple delivers an update to devices that are four years older. So, iPhone 5 users are among the lucky players in this category to receive iOS 10.


However, Android updates take a longer period before it is available for compatible gadgets. In fact, you may need to wait for a new release to have a feel of the latest version. Talk of the Android 7.1 Nougat beta, it is unfortunate to hear that some “non-Nexus” devices are not guaranteed to receive the “N” update anytime soon. In other words, the likes of Nexus 9, nexus 6p, Nexus 6, Nexus 5 X, and Google Pixel are among the top-notch devices that’ll receive the N update soon. It is, however, sad to reveal that nexus 5 users will miss out, big time in this offer.


Finally, it is important to stress that Android is gaining more popularity owing to the fact that;

  • Android OS has a huge customer base as a result of its flexibility. By flexibility, I mean the freedom given to customers to have control over the file system (Being open source) is a big deal as this has really increased the number of Android users. People prefer to customize to their own taste. To presuppose a general taste for everybody will be quite difficult.


  •  Affordability is a crucial factor that influences their customer base. It is apparent that more than average mobile users will prefer to balance quality with cost. No doubt, affordability will be the first factor to determine purchasing power you have, most especially in countries where their economy is in recession. People will tend to be prudent in spending.


In my next post, I will go deeper in comparing notable smartphones with preference to the current trend of release, so that you will have no iota of doubt to decide your next smartphone choice.


Your turn;

Feel free to comment your favorite OS and the reason behind your choice. If your OS is not included in the post yet, I implore you to stay tuned.


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