How To Make Money With Your Android Smartphone

Learning how to make money with your android smartphone is no longer a mystery and has been demystified a long time before now. Technology has really influenced every aspect of human lives. You can grasp money making ideas and make extra money from the Telecommunications industry.

Do you ever ponder these questions;

  • Why the banks and other big brands, like quickteller, are involved in the business of airtime, data, DSTV, GOTV, startTimes, Electricity bill payment, and other VTU product sales?
  • Why are people so addicted to using airtime even when they are damn broke?







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17 Cheapest Android Phones That Will Meet Your Expectations Beyond 2018


Android mobile phones are the best selling phones in the global market now, the most used mobile operating system virtually in all countries including India, China, Nigeria and South Africa.

According to this report, It has the largest installed base now. Also, StatCounter reports that android smartphones have become the most popular in the world.

Arguably, this is due to its flexibility and the endless opportunities the platform allows for the developers, being open source.


I subscribed to the fact that there should be a level playing field for everyone to display their potentials.

And this has a positive impact in its market share worldwide and has been responsible for its speedy growth from 2007 when it was launched down to 2018.

Common questions like; what is the best android phone you can buy around #50,000 or best cheap android phone you can get at that range and invariably, the best budget android phone need to be addressed.

Similarly, if you’re interested in the best cheap android phones, then your research stops right here.

This post will walk you through our list of top 17 best budget android smartphones in 2018 that will give you value for your money.

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It’s all about this year’s Black Friday, Jumia sets to make the biggest black Friday ever in Nigeria. Following the announcement of the dates, jumia pronounced her partners for its biggest sales event of the year, black Friday 2017.

Jumia black Friday 2017

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New Airtel Data Plans For Android, iPhone, Blackberry & Laptop with subscription Codes

Are you looking for the right airtel data plan? Then, here you have the details of the airtel Data plan smartphones with their subscription codes. This post will walk you through the airtel cheapest data plan for android, iPhone, Blackberry and other internet devices with their subscription codes. 

You can also check the new MTN data bundle with subscription codes


Formerly known as Celtel Nigeria, the company was founded in 2000. It made history on August 5, 2001, by becoming the first Telecom operator to launch commercial GSM services in Nigeria.

Have you noticed lately, the in its data service patronage? Well, I stand corrected but I want to believe the Africa Telecom giant is doing more at this time to attract more customers. So, If you’re planning to choose airtel data plan at this time, then it’s gonna be a right step in the right direction once you’ve double check to confirm that airtel network blazes well in your area.

Over the years, the cost of data has got cheaper, while data allocated to data plans have increasingly got bigger. 

airtel cheapest data plan for android

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Etisalat Data Plans for Android, iPhone, PC and Subscription codes In 2017


Etisalat Data Plan

This post gives a detailed account of the new etisalat data plan for android phones, iPhones, Blackberry, and PC. You will get to choose among the best etisalat internet data plans; etisalat 1gb data plan, etisalat data plan for 2000 naira among others, depending on which plan suits your need, but be rest assured that you’ll find a plan that’ll work best for you.


Etisalat Nigeria is the fourth largest Telecommunication Network operator with over 21 million subscribers and control about 12.9 percent of the country’s telecom market share; it commenced business in Nigeria in 2009.

etisalat data bundle

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MTN Data Plan For Android, iPhone, Laptop and Subscription Codes in 2017

To completely neglect mtn data plan for your phones and internet devices may be inevitable nowadays, being the widest Telecommunication Network in Nigeria.

If you are an ardent subscriber to MTN data service, I believe that you will find this post really helpful and informative. It gives comprehensive details of the current mtn data plans for android smartphones, iphones, blackberry and similar devices and their subscription codes in 2017.

cheap mtn data plan for android, iphones, blackberry and laptop

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Glo Data Plans For Android, IPhone, Tablets & Laptops in 2017

Glo Data Plan 2017 – Here is the new glo data plan for android, Blackberry and other similar devices.

This post will introduce or better still, update you on the latest glo data plans for android, Blackberry, iphones, Tablets & Laptops as well as their subscription codes.

cheap glo data plan

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Meet The New Samsung S8 with the best display so far and Everything you need to Know

The samsung s8 has been finally launched in March 2017. The elegant display of samsung galaxy s8 has been lauded by ardent users of the premium brand. Samsung made a U-turn as initially purported, releasing Galaxy S8 with no physical home screen button, unlike the last year’s Samsung s7. It has a high pixel density of 570 dots per inch at 1440 x 2960 pixel for excellent viewing.

The Samsung S8 is the standard version that sports a 5.8 inch AMOLED display. It has a glossy and curved glass on both sides. S8 plus is a variant of Samsung s8 with a higher density and yet another brilliant display with a whopping 6.2-inch screen that Samsung referred to as ‘infinity display’. Read on to get the full gist on this flagship with the most stunning display ever.



samsung s8 and s8 plus

Check the deal to buy Samsung galaxy S8 now

Check the deal to buy Samsung galaxy S8 plus now

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The New Tecno Camon cx and cx Air: Spec, Features, Price and Everything you need to know.

The Tecno camon cx and cx air happen to be the second set of

smartphone launched by the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer

in march 2017, almost immediately after the launch of Tecno l9


camon cx, therefore, succeeded camon c9 that was released about 9

months ago in Lagos, Nigeria.

A couple of days ago, some ardent users of Tecno phones lamented

the sudden stop in the production of camon c9 as if it was never a


The experience was indeed awesome. Little did they know that the

company is working tirelessly to release yet another camera-centric

phone that would make them forget the predecessor.

And here comes the Specification, features, review, price and

everything you need to know about camon cx or fondly called

camon c10.

-Check offer to BUY CAMON CX right away.

tecno camon cx and cx air

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Zoto app Update: How to Get Free #500 Airtime plus Recharge Bonuses

Zoto has taken another step to further appease Its customers. The Zoto recharge app is getting more robust to deliver in line with the aim of building the easiest, fastest recharge and data solution in Nigeria.

Now the game is getting more interesting as Zoto introduced other features to challenge its competitors.



Update: 07: 2017 (My Exclusive referral access gives you #500 instead of #200 using the code: OBAFEO37)

Zoto app is getting bigger and better with non-stop sharing of freebies. If you’re yet to start using the app to buy airtime, data, and make payment of bills, then this is a more convenient time to plunge into the profitable game. I have tested the app for close to a hundred times with no single disappointment. It is safe, secure and convenient for use.


This is a promo that runs periodically where two parties earn when one party introduces the other to using zoto with the referral code of the first party.

Now, you can earn up to #20,000 in the ongoing referral program. So, without further ado, follow these steps to start referring your friends but first why not take advantage of my exclusive referrals (as a consistent user of zoto)?

Get #500 instead of #200 when you use the code; OBAFEO37 to join, then make your first successful recharge through your card. Continue reading if you need any help to join and recharge.

Steps to refer:

  1. Refer a friend from the app
  2. You will get #500 zoto cash on first successful recharge by your friend through his card.
  3. You can refer up to 40 friends to earn #20,000
  4. Your friend will get #200 bonus after their first successful recharge.
  5. All cashback will be credited in zoto Wallet and within 24 hours of the recharge.

NOTE: My Exclusive Offer ends on 31st July 2017.

Use the code OBAFEO37 to join. You’ll get #500 on your first successful recharge with your card.





zoto app update

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